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Choosing The Right Size Of Plates and Bowls

25cm ~ (platter, dinner plate, meat plate)

At home, we serve dishes for 4 to 5 people, and at the restaurant we serve main dishes.
In the cafe, various dishes are served and used as a cafe plate.

● 21 to 24 cm (meat plate, dessert plate)

Good size for serving side dishes for one person such as hamburger steak.
Multiple desserts, curry and pasta if there is depth, in this size.

● 17 to 20 cm (medium plate, cake plate)

It is a good size for breakfast side dishes such as fried eggs, grilled fish and potato salad.
You can also use it as a cake plate for tea time.

14 to 16 cm (dish plate, name plate, bread plate)

A size that can be used as a plate to separate from a large bowl.
It can also be used as a bread plate in the restaurant.

● ~ 13cm (small plate, hand-salt plate, bean plate, small dish)

It is ideal as a plate for side dishes such as pickles and seasonings such as soy sauce , and as a container for Japanese sweets and chocolates for tea making.

22cm ~ (large bowl)

A size that can serve plenty of side dishes and pasta for 4 to 5 people.
This is the main item on the table.

● 17-21 cm (filled bowl)

Just the right size to serve side dishes for 2 to 3 people.
If the depth is appropriate, you can also use this bowl for curry rice, pasta, and noodles for one person.

14 to 16 cm (medium bowl, salad bowl)

A size suitable for one person's dishes such as meat potatoes and salads.
If it is a slightly deeper bowl, you can also use it for bowls.

● ~ 13 cm (small bowl, bowl)

You can use it as a side dish for one person, from pickles to side dishes.
This size is also for special use when using a pot.