Come along on this zakka journey with us and discover the wonders that add soulful touches to your life.

「蔵珍窯」Japan traditional crafts MINOYAKI ZOHOGAMA

At ZOHO-GAMA, we're a Japanese pottery with a passion for hand-painted ceramics, and our mission is to bring happiness to tables around the world.

Our craftsmanship has earned the prestigious title of intangible cultural heritage. One of our specializations is the art of AKAE, or Red Painting. We create a unique "Sennichi-zuri Red" by grinding pigments for a thousand days until they become incredibly fine particles.

We're dedicated to elevating your dining experience with our traditional pottery skills and sensibility. We don't just offer AKAE; we also excel in Sometsuke and Oribe techniques, which add a touch of luxury and joy to your dining setting.

Our tableware is celebrated for its "Beauty derived from Functionality." It not only serves its practical purpose but also enhances the presentation of your food, making it even more beautiful and appealing. Additionally, we can create custom-made items in small quantities to cater to your unique preferences.