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Famous Lucky Cat

What is lucky cat

The "Maneki-neko," also known as the "Beckoning Cat," is a unique handicraft with a rich tradition in Japanese folk culture. Typically crafted from ceramic or plastic materials, it takes the form of a cat with one paw raised in a beckoning gesture and adorned with a traditional Japanese red collar and bell.


The Maneki-neko is widely believed to bring good luck and fortune, making it a common sight in shops, restaurants, offices, and homes as a talisman and feng shui ornament. It is said that when the left paw is raised, it attracts visitors and customers, while the right paw raised attracts wealth and good luck.


How to Use the Lucky Cat Symbol in Feng Shui

Even though feng shui comes from China, one can skillfully use symbols from any culture and apply feng shui principles to them. Be sure to be mindful and respectful of any culture whose symbols you are using, though, and take the time to learn about and understand them. It’s a good idea to mindfully use symbols that really resonate with you, instead of just buying various objects that are supposed to be “good feng shui.” Choose the objects and symbols that are meaningful to you, and work with them thoughtfully and intentionally. 
Door Protectors
The lucky cat is similar to a door protector like fu dogs, which are mythical creatures that are often used to guard and protect the entrances to homes, temples, and businesses. Lucky cats are friendlier, cuter guardians with a welcoming energy, and like fu dogs, they can be placed near the entrance to a building. 
Facing Outward at Window
You can locate the lucky cat in a window facing out, because it’s beckoning and welcoming people and prosperity into your space. It’s ideal for a business or office window, but you can also try one at your front door at home.
Wealth Corner
If your intention for the lucky cat is to invite more wealth and prosperity, you can also place it in the wealth corner, called Xun in feng shui. To find Xun position in your home, stand in the front entrance looking in and imagine a three-by-three grid laid over your space. The far left area of the grid is Xun. If you’re having a hard time locating Xun in your home, you can also find the far left corner of your bedroom or home office and place your lucky cat there.